TRAC and BCI make topping up easy

20 Mar

TRAC and BCI make topping up easy


Topping up e-tags and TRAC account cards in Mozambique is now as easy as a few mouse clicks. TRAC’s MIS has integrated with BCI’s online banking platforms to enable e-tag and TRAC card holders to top up their TRAC account using any of BCI’s online banking platforms.

In the peak of the digital era and in response to requests from the public, it was essential for TRAC to implement this mechanism. Topping up this way offers road users the convenience of transferring funds into their MIS account from anywhere, at any time, in a safe and secure environment.

In addition, it assists with traffic management at TRAC’s Mozambican plazas, as traffic delays will be minimised due to less road users topping up while waiting in the lanes; and it reduces cash handling and the associated risks for road users.

Using this method is quick, easy and simple: 

1. Use TRAC entity number: 11100. 

2. Get your reference number from the Maputo or Moamba plazas. 

3. Use BCI internet banking or any Ponto24 ATM or mobile platform. 

4. Follow the instructions on each platform. 

5. Top-up with your desired amount.

As with all things digital, top ups via the internet are done in real time and reflect in your MIS account within 10 minutes. Those done via a mobile device or at an ATM take a maximum of 30 minutes to reflect.

For more information, contact 21 75 16 31 or 82 30 07 110. Alternatively, send an e-mail to or


Solange Soares

Communications Manager

Tel: +2713 755 3316 (switchboard)