Roadworks in the Lowveld region are progressing well

02 Sep

Roadworks in the Lowveld region are progressing well


Trans African Concessions (TRAC) is pleased to announce that two of its major roadworks projects are progressing as planned. Both the construction of the Karino Interchange and the upgrade between Kaapmuiden and Kaalrug have progressed well in the last few months despite the nationwide lockdown. 

Construction of the Karino Interchange, valued at R390-million, began in October 2019, and is on course to be completed by November 2021. This is a very exciting project as it will see the existing intersection transformed into a grade-separated interchange with on and off-ramps and a bridge. The primary objective of this upgrade is to better accommodate the increased traffic volumes experienced in the area over recent years, especially at the KMIA/Plaston Road/N4 intersection. The new junction will separate cross-traffic from through traffic and will thus ease traffic flow at this busy intersection. Furthermore, it will enhance road safety as the need for points men, who currently manage daily peak-hour traffic in the area, will be eliminated. 

The upgrade and rehabilitation of the road between Kaapmuiden and the Kaalrug Intersection in Nkomazi is also moving at full speed. Roadworks began in September 2019 and to date are 35% complete. 

The project will see this 15,5km stretch of the carriageway upgraded to four lanes and includes the rehabilitation of the current road. The installation of high mast streetlights at the Kruger Malelane Gate/Jeppes Reef Interchange and a footpath between Stentor and Kaapmuiden Primary School will also form part of the construction works. 

The project is valued at approximately R340-million and is expected to be complete by August 2021

In terms of both projects, road users are advised that traffic flow will be affected throughout the construction period. Traffic deviations will be implemented as and when needed which may result in slower-moving traffic and delays. Road users are urged to go to for updates on traffic disruptions related to these, and other, roadworks on the N4 Toll Route.


Solange Soares

Communications Manager

Tel: +2713 755 3316 (switchboard)